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Oslo Crypto Festival



Our vision is to create an open and all inclusive crypto experience in the heart of Oslo. A meeting place for the experienced and the curious. A festival designed to connect people with ideas, values and each other in order to develop the crypto community and social ecosystem in Norway. 


The festival will consist of a packed programme that offers something for everyone. Talks from renowned experts, hands on workshops, debates, networking, crypto-speed dates, comedy show, live-music and party. 


We are incredibly optimistic about the future of this technology and believe it can lead to a more egalitarian and just world. At the heart of our motivation is the hope that we can play a small role in facilitating excitement, possibility and innovation that leads to noticeable and positive change.  


Program Topics

Some ideas we want to explore via talks and workshops: 

• Innovation: how to turn ideas into reality

• Institutional adoption and practical solutions for business in Norway

• Getting started with crypto: A practical guide to starting your journey

• Crypto and sustainability

• Decentralised finance

• NFT's and disruptive use cases

• Gender equality and the future of finance

• Crash course in technical analysis

• How to talk to friends and family about crypto

• Oracles, real world data and smart contracts

join the

Are you interested in being a part of the festival? We are looking for organizers, volunteers and sponsors to help create an unforgettable experience for our community.


Tlf: +47 46 43 24 23

Who will be there?
  • Early adopters​

  • Visionary entrepreuners

  • Thought leaders

  • Venture capitalists

  • Retail and institutional investors

  • Mining experts

  • Journalists

  • Crypto enthusiasts

Why you should attend?
  • Learn new skills

  • Meet like minded people

  • Get inspired

  • Attend great talks/workshops

  • Network with the community

  • Discover what is possible

  • Be entertained

  • Have fun!

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